March-May and September-October are good times to order and make plantings to improve habitat for grouse. If your private land is lacking aspen and other key species, others such as apples, crabapples, hawthorn, wild plums, dogwoods, nannyberry, raspberry, blackberry, sumac, grape, willow, cherry, hazelnut, and ironwood are recommended for planting in southern Michigan. When fully grown, these species will provide food and dense cover.

For Andy Ammann RGS members with property in southern Michigan, shrubs and trees can be ordered from Ingham Conservation District, click on Tree Sale at their web site

For property owners in northern Michigan, species to plant could include hazel-nut, dogwood, witch hazel, serviceberry, black cherry, apple, hophornbeam, yellow birch, and nannyberry. Outside of Ingham County, shrubs and trees can be purchased from Natural Resource Conservation Service offices: Just click on the Map of Michigan Field Offices for the target county at this site

For extensive information on providing grouse habitat see the Michigan DNR site RGS has partnered with the AMPAC Seed Co., to provide a seed mix, RGS Grouse Trail Mix, for seeding 2-tracks, decks, rails and small openings, up to 2.5 acres, to benefit grouse and other wildlife.
The mix can be ordered at the RGS web site

Any questions, contact: Ken Sink, Habitat Chair