The Ruffed Grouse Society is committed to the enhancement of grouse and woodcock habitat and to the education of the public and members to that end. This page provides helpful links and information regarding grouse and woodcock habitat and how you can help.

NEW! A note from Chuck Riley on the progress of habitat work at Rose Lake:

The work at the woodcock breeding site on Rose Lake SGA has been completed, all that remains is to pay the bills. I have attached two photos [photo 1] | [photo 2] to better illustrate the activities undertaken. I would like to recognize and thank all the groups and individuals whose support made this all possible. Members of the MDNR, Wildlife Division and the Andy Ammann Chapter of the Ruffed Grouse Society planned and monitored the site work. Kesler Construction Co. and Steve Wiswasser provided equipment and labor. The Lansing Chapter of SCI and Greg Kabacinski (Mich. Woodcock Banders) donated financially. The Bath Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept. conducted the controlled burn. We intend to move operations to the Gratiot-Saginaw SGA and undertake similar woodcock breeding habitat improvement activities. I believe that if we cut and burn now, the birds will come in March.

Chuck Riley

The RGS ASV habitat machine is now available to rent for use on private lands. Contacts for this program are Regional Director Bruce Wojcik and John Paige. Click here for additional information. Click here to e-mail Bruce.

New: Andy Ammann Chapter Partners with DNR To Enhance Grouse Habitat in S. Michigan
The Andy Amman Chapter has partnered with the DNR by purchasing a TS15 Tree Shear cutter attachment .
Tammy Giroux of the MDNR Wildlife Division offered the following explanation of the cutter's use:
"We will focus our initial efforts at Rose Lake State Game Area. Within the South Central Management Unit (Montcalm, Ionia, Eaton, Gratiot, Clinton, Shiawassee, Ingham, Livingston, Jackson, Washtenaw, Hillsdale and Lenawee Counties) there are 28 state game areas. The majority of these game areas have small, isolated aspen stands that would benefit from being clearcut. This tree shear would be an important tool for all of our game areas.

The cutter was funded through a combination of sources: RGS National, AARGS banquet monies, and project-specific donations to the AA chapter.
See videos below for additional information (you may have to increase your audio level to hear some of them).
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Woodcock Habitat Regional Initiative
This site provides an in-depth background on the Woodcock Habitat Initiative--an ambitious, collaborative effort by federal and state wildlife agencies, along with organizations including The Wildlife Management Institute, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, and your Ruffed Grouse Society. Click the link entitled "Woodcock Conservation Plan (PDF)" to view the details.
Woodcock Habitat Regional Initiative

Spring and Fall Plantings For Grouse:
This page provides a variety of information for those interested in improving grouse habitat through tree and shrub planting. Links are provided to several informational sources and to suppliers.
Plantings For Grouse Page

2008 USFW Woodcock Report:
This PDF is an excellent source to learn about the current status of woodcock in North America and also clearly illustrates the need to greatly accelerate efforts to improve woodcock habitat. Includes a very nice tribute to this chapter's namesake, Andy Ammann.
2008 USFW Service Woodcock Report

General Information About the Ruffed Grouse Lifecycle and Habitat:
Ruffed Grouse Species Management

Andy Ammann Chapter Habitat Project At Rose Lake SGA:
The Andy Ammann chapter is involved in an ongoing habitat project at Rose Lake SGA where chapter members and other interested parties are performing work to positively effect grouse and woodcock populations in S. Michigan.
Click here for pictures taken at one of our habitat days.
Click here to display our events page containing the next scheduled habitat day (usually during winter).

2008 Michigan-Related Habitat News
This PDF contains an up-to-date summary of RGS habitat efforts in Michigan.
Michigan Habitat Updates