2017 Banquet Donors:
Al Stewart Book of sketches by Oz Warbach
Batcke’s Baldwin Creek Lodge and Guide Service
  • 1/2 day guided fishing trip plus...
  • 1/2 day guided bird hunting trip plus...
  • One night's lodging
Dale Gray and the Fullers North Branch Outing Club 1/2 day guided bird hunt and 1/2 day guided fishing trip with a night's lodging at Fuller's North Branch Outing Club
Dana Farrell
  • Grouse tail wreath
  • Sporting clay shooting instruction
Ed McCoy and Hawkins Outfitters 1/2 Day Guided Trout Fishing Trip For Two
Fenton Lakes Sportsman’s Club 250 bird rounds of sporting clays
In Memory of Art Kelsey
This be the verse you 'grave for me:
Here he lies where he long'd to be;
Home is the sailor, home from the sea,
And the hunter home from the hill.
  • Oak Lamp Table with etshed glass top
  • Grouse on drumming log framed print
  • RGS framed print and stamp by Ken Carlson
  • Setter and Grouse framed print by Noel Dunn
  • Framed woodcock and grouse prints by Daniel Heuer
  • "The Flush" framed print by John P Corwin
  • "Double Doodles-American Woodcock" framed print by Paco Young
Jim Gilsdorf Handcrafted Bamboo Fly Rod
J & J Riverguides Guided fishing trip
Leeann Parnell and Brian Parnell Pheasant print
Lori and Tom Winters Hand Painted Silk scarf
Marilyn & John Warbach
  • Feather Collage in a Glass Case by Andy Ammann
  • Signed copy of “Banding Woodcock” by Andy Ammann
  • Signed and notated copy of “Prairie Grouse of Michigan” by Andy Ammann
  • Woodcock Sketch by Oz Warbach
Randy Strouse
  • Rocking Chair and Ottaman
  • Guided woodcock banding trip and guided bird hunting trip